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Kitchen 305

May 4, 2010

Hello Lovelies!


I apologize for the brief hiatus, but life has been crazy. Anywho, I’m back, and I am using the free trial of Ecto to simplify blogging (hopefully). You see, I love blogging, but blogging through WordPress is not exactly my fave. 😉

Last week, Blake and I went down to the Newport, which is where we will be holding our nuptials in a little less than 6 months (!). We went down to start planning our menu and go through the ins and outs of how the ceremony (ceremony location pictured above) and reception will go. Unfortunately, it seems as though there were a few mix ups in days/times, and our Catering Manager asked if we would mind switching our rooms for the cocktail hour and reception. At first, I was a little upset, but, Blake reassured me that no matter the room, it would be great ;).

Instead of our cocktail hour being held on the pool deck, it will now be held in their brand new spa, downstairs, which is beautiful. I know it sounds a little odd, but it has hard wood floors, ambient lighting and organic furniture.. really swanky and even though not what I had envisioned, it is a gorgeous room! Next, our reception, which was to be held in a ballroom, is being moved to a slightly smaller room that overlooks the ocean. It also has hardwood floors and a great view.. so what should I be complaining about, right? Alright kids – here’s the kicker – if we agreed to switch, they agreed to completely upgrade our menu, open bar and all… So, after talking it over, we agreed. I didn’t seem like it would go well if we said no, and hey, it’s just one big party, right 😉

After all of that was settled, our Catering Director said that she wanted to buy us a round of drinks also… woohoo! The Newport has an amazing restaurant called Kitchen 305. When we got in there, she politely said she couldn’t stay, but for us to have some drinks and order a couple appetizers. This place has rave reviews, so she certainly didn’t have to twist my arm!

I ordered a glass of Chardonnay and Blake got a dirty martini, both were delicious! They also gave us each a mini-loaf of bread.. mmmm.


My handsome date 😉


We decided we would choose 2 apps and went with the crab cake sliders and mediterranean flatbread.


The flatbread had feta, roasted tomatoes, and kalamata olives. Both dishes were excellent! The melted feta had a much more subtle taste than I thought, which I really enjoyed. The crab cake sliders were fantastic! Crisp, toasted bun and the crab cakes were not greasy in the least. I would highly recommend both 🙂





Sorry if the pictures are a little dark, definitely not the best lighting.

Even though the evening started out a little rough, we really enjoyed a spur of the moment date night.

Make it a great one!

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