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Ohh, Monday

April 5, 2010

Hello there!

I hope everyone had a great rest of the weekend and a good Monday!  Mine went well, very busy and now I am super sleepy 😉

For breakfast, I had a repeat smoothie.  I decided to get my workout in on my lunch break today, because I knew I had a bunch of errands to do after work today. I was able to get in a nice 1.5 mile run in on the treadmill.

  • Miles 0 -.24: Warmup at 3.7
  • Miles .25 – .75: speed 7.0
  • Miles .76 – 1.25: inclined at 60%, speed 5.0
  • Miles 1.26 – 1.50: Cool down at 3.0

Time: 18 Minutes

It was a great workout and a really fun way to break up the day! Definitely needed that on a Monday! 🙂

I came home more than ready for lunch.  I decided to incorporate some of our Easter leftovers into a fun meal!

Blake’s Aunt Dot makes a fantastic Tex-Mex dip.  I think it is beans, avocado, tomatoes, cheese and a variety of spices.  I don’t know how she does it, but it is awesome! I think I ate 2 large plates of it with chips at Easter dinner 😉

For lunch, I used Aunt Dot’s Tex-Mex as the base of my wrap.  I topped it with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and then crumbled some tortillas chips on top. SO good! The chips gave it a really great crunch.  I will definitely use them on wraps in the future!

With a side of delicious, fresh fruit

So, let’s rewind just a bit to Sunday.  We went to Blake’s Aunt & Uncle’s for Easter dinner.  They have a beautiful ranch style home and always have a fish fry, full of fresh fish, hush puppies and a ton of other delicious southern foods 😉

Hush puppies and fish going:

My camera died pretty soon after, but I can certainly vouch I had my fair share of all foods involved and that it was all quite delicious!! 😉

Buuut… before my camera died I was able to capture a few other pics.  Aunt Louise and Uncle Mark own a horse, Socks.  She is beautiful!

Also, right by their front door, they have some mulched landscaping beds. Guess what was in a freshly dug hole in the mulch??  Three baby bunnies!!!

How cute?!  They blend into the mulch a bit, so enter helpful blue arrow 😉  You can see the baby ears sticking up.  Can you believe baby bunbuns on Easter? Too funny!

Well I hope everyone is having a great start to the week – Have a good one!

Do you look forward to your leftovers for lunch?  Do you mix them up or keep them as is?

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