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Home Away From Home

March 16, 2010

Hi there!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

I am in Orlando for the week, for work.  Welcome to my home away from home:

This is where I spend 95% of my time while I am here 😉

Nice and cozy, eh? 🙂

Everything is going well though – quite a productive week so far.  Although, I am slightly thrown off by the time change.  It is just so dark when my alarmgoes off! But, I do like it being lighter, later, so I suppose it’s a fair trade 😉

In other news, we booked our photographer!! We have gone with Norah Silva, who is not only the sweetest, but a fantastic photographer as well! Her work is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to work with her!

Alright, loves, sorry this is short but the bed is calling my name.  Tomorrow is another early day!

I leave you with a gratuitous Marlee picture for your viewing pleasure.  Blake sent it to me this afternoon, when he ran home for lunch.


Has the time change thrown you off?  Are you adjusting?  Do you like having the extra daylight?

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